08 January 2009

Propane, a clear agenda and me just rambling about nothing

Propane was delivered yesterday morning. I still didn't have any heat though...no propane coming into the house. I called the Coop this afternoon and they sent Doug out to fix my troubles. He lit the hotwater tank pilot light as well. So, I'm back to having heat again. Only eight days without it! I'm a tough old bird apparently. I'm doing laundry at the moment. I really need a shower! Gotta wait for the hotwater tank to get its job done of heating enough water for a shower though. I'm real tired of cold spit baths!
Not much on the agenda today. I didn't get up till after one o'clock this afternoon. I was supposed to go with Susan to Pburg to pick up her car but I didn't hear the phone ring this morning around 7 when she called. After I got up for the day, I listened to the messages on the phone. There were three of them. Susan called twice. Her second message had me laughing out loud! She said the mission had been aborted. This message will self destruct in 30 seconds! Run, Donna, Run! LOL I have yet to talk to her to find out why the mission of going to get her car has been aborted. I thought they had fixed it and it was ready to go. Perhaps Justin drove it over for her this morning? I really don't know at this point.
I got one thing done on my list of things to do yesterday. Laundry was one of those things but it didn't get started till just a bit ago. I got the Christmas tree undressed and all the ornaments packed away in their box. The tree is still in the livingroom and so is the box of ornaments but at least the tree is naked now. That was my goal! I had much help in detrimming the tree too. Fred helped. Miss Blue helped. Justin and Courtney watched. Actually J and C left shortly after I started removing the baubles off the tree.
I don't see any art getting done today. My muse is off on vacation. She needed one after the art frenzy on Tuesday! I might work in my altered book but that's about it I do believe. Though I never know when that fickle muse will show up and produce something spectacular. Somebody really outta retrieve that scanner cord from behind the dresser and hook it back up. I got a large pile of chunky pages and few ATCs that need to be scanned. I can't very well trade them if no one knows what the heck they look like! Housework takes precedence over artwork today unfortunately.
I hit the after Christmas sales at Dollar General on Tuesday. Most of the stuff I bought will be used in art in one way or another. I got a pretty good deal on some shirt boxes that will end up being bases for ATCs and Chunky pages. Some will probably end up being book covers also. Most of the shirt boxes are plain white but a few of them are decorated for Christmas. Those decorated ones will end up being the book covers before the white ones will.
It is a beautiful day outside. There was a honeybee in the laundryroom earlier. I shooed him back outside to do his hunting. When honeybees are out and about in the middle of January, you know it's a nice day! Temps are in the low 60s. I'll be hauling that tree out to the burned house sometime before the sun goes down today.
All in all it's been a pretty good day thus far.
I hope you all have had a fantastic day yourselves!
I'll come yak at you all another day when I have something of importance to say. Seems all I do is ramble on and say not much of anything in the process these days! Thanks for staying with me and reading the ramblings! And thanks especially to John for commenting on the ramblings! You all behave yourselves!


John said...

When is the end of winter in Kansas?

Donna said...

I could give you the sane version and say that winter lasts until the beginning of March, but Winter sometimes lingers into April. It's usually warming up by the first of March though. It is traditional to plant potatoes on St. Patrick's Day (17 March) so the chill is leaving by then...
but Weather in Kansas is a tad fickle. It can be 70F one day and 10 below zero the next. Winter should be done and over with by the time the calendar reads April, but I have seen it blizzard on the 9th of April not too many years ago. I believe the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere is 21 April. (or is that March?)
I probably should have waited to answer your question when I had my head about me! lol
I only know for certain at the moment, winter won't end soon enough for me! I'm ready for flowers to bloom again!