25 January 2009

Early Sunday Morning

I don't have any new artwork to show you all so there will be no pictures today. Just the new one at the top of the page. That's Fred out at Webster Lake a few Autumns ago.
I actually slept like normal folks do last night. Went to sleep around 9:30 and woke up at 6:00 this morning.
Yesterday was a birthday for two people I know. My sister Linda turned 53. My friend Jerry got another year older. I really have no idea how old Jerry is...he's older than me but to even try to guess? I just don't know. He's in his 50s, I assume. He doesn't look any older than that.
We had a party for Linda over at Susan's house. Ma, Aunt Sherry, Evelyn, Justin, Courtney, Me and Susan. My boys didn't come nor did their girls. Guess someone forgot to invite them. I wasn't in charge of the party. Linda got lots of good presents. I gave her a fake fur throw to cover up with while she sits in front of her tv in her recliner. She seemed to be pleased with that choice. It was a good day yesterday. I felt relatively human. Not hurting too badly.
It has been cold for the last three days. I have no water this morning again. Froze! I'm getting used to that. Though I think if I go to the burned house and plug in the heat tape that's wrapped around my water pipes I should have water in a few hours. It's still dark out at the moment though and there is no lights in the burned house, just two electrical outlets that work and I'm not sure just where the end of the extension cord is that hooks up the heat tape so I better wait till it gets light enough out there to see what I am doing!
RJ and Devin built shelves in the west room in the storage trailer on Friday. I've not been out there to see what has been accomplished yet.
I started working on my whimsical cats on Thursday. That isn't going as smoothly as I had hoped it would but we'll get them finished in plenty of time. They aren't due till March. I have only one started. It's a complicated piece of art. I decided to make the first cat a rock star. The cat is made, I'm just waiting on it to dry enough to peel it off the tinfoil I made it on. It's made with paper pulp mixed with pale green paint. I bought it that way. My cat isn't going to be green, he'll be purple...give him that punk rock look! I built him a fish shaped guitar out of balsa wood as well. There's still a ways to go before he's finished and I'm not even sure if it's going to work like I want it too once the cat is dry enough to peel off the tin foil. I should have put him on a piece of sheet plastic instead of tin foil. We'll see. And you guys will see too once he's done.
I drew up four other cats to use in this swap as well. Not sure just what will happen with them. I'm planning on making at least one of the pages out of Sculpey clay. It's been awhile since I played with the clay. I'll be making charms for the whimsical cat pages out of Sculpey as well. Fish bones for sure...other things I haven't thought too much about yet too.
I added a few books to my list of books read for 2009. I read those six books on Friday. One of them isn't really a READING book as it has only a few words in it. That would be the book called Battle Lines. It's a book of line drawings about battles. I looked at it numerous times though and studied the drawings. Odd book, that one.
Friday afternoon I was at the library in town and they were having a book sale. I brought home about a dozen books that day. I've started another book already. It will take a bit of time to read though cause it has like 1000 pages! It's called Murder Ink and is a companion reader for the mystery reader. It's a bathroom book. Meaning that it will eventually end up in the bathroom where I will read it in increments while in the bathroom. (That's a learned behavior...reading in the bathroom. I get that from my dad. Most of his children do read in the bathroom!) At the moment it is sitting on the coffee table in the livingroom. I seldom read in the livingroom though so if it's to get read...it must go to another room and it's the kind of book you can read in increments. It's like a bunch of short stories only they aren't really stories...more like essays. It should be an interesting read. I like mystery books.
Today I'll be working on my whimiscal cats again. I'll also be putting together a couple of chunky books. I have enough pages for an elephant book, a tree book and a Halloween book so it's time to assemble and bind them.
There's a draw-a-thon going on over at ATCsforall.com this weekend but I'm not participating in that this time. I haven't really felt up to it is the reason why. I did some drawing this week so I'm good to go!
Billy's tail is healing nicely. No infection. He's doing a good job of keeping it clean. He certainly won't let me anywhere near it! I'm lucky to get to look at it, let alone put anything on it! He has a puncture wound at the base of his tail, right above his anus. It looks terribly uncomfortable but Billy doesn't seem too bothered by it. He was horseracing through the house yesterday morning, climbing the curtains! Literally! I had to holler at that crazy cat to settle his hide down or I was going to throw him outside! He gave me a glare, swished that tail and went to the kitchen to the food bowl after I hollered at him while he was climbing the curtain! Silly cat! His tail is bald where the wound is and it really does look painful.
I went through all my index cards yesterday that record all the art trades I did in 2008. I emptied the file box so I can start anew for this year. That stack of index cards, one for each trade, is almost six inches high! I made a lot of trades last year. I hope to make just as many this year!
I really don't have anything of importance to talk about this morning so I'm going to go play a few pc games and drink my coffee and then later I'm going to do some artwork involving cats!
You all have a blessed Sunday.

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John said...

Hmmm... I just can't seem to read things in the toilet, since I take only 5 mins or less to settle every kind of business, be it big or small. And even if I do take a long time, I am not up to it. Can't divide my mind between two things at once :)