09 January 2009


"Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength." Corrie Ten Boom

I found that quote while reading in my usual jaunts on the www. Are you a worrier? I don't worry about things till it is time to worry about them! Worry is a waste of a good day. For as the quote says: "...It empties today of its strength."
Some people say I live with my head in the sand cause I refuse to worry about things I have no control over. Worrying isn't going to change a thing about any situation. Action is what changes circumstances, not worry.
Worrying gives you gray hair and ulcers. I have very few gray hairs and not an ulcer in sight! I take great pride in not having an overabundance of gray hairs growing out of my scalp. As you all know I have six sisters and two brothers. I am fourth from the youngest. ALL of my brothers and sisters have much more gray hair than I do. And all of them worry more than I do!
Worry is a waste of good emotions! If you're prone to worrying and you think you HAVE to worry about something....worry about how much you spread joy around instead of worrying about why that same joy doesn't come your way. It's a known fact that what you give will eventually return tenfold. Smiles and joy are in that category as well as hugs, love, respect ect, ect.
The wind is blowing like crazy today! The wind chimes out in the trees out front are singing up a storm! Hopefully not a real storm, but they are making pretty music for today at least. It's not near as warm out there today as it was yesterday though. The Christmas tree is still in the living room and will stay there until the wind dies down some. If I took that tree outside now, it'd end up in Plainville before the day was out if it got away from me. I'm not even going to attempt wrestling with that tree in that wind!
Dishes and finishing up laundry are on my agenda for the day. I declined lunch in town with Susan and Linda. I didn't feel much like getting properly dressed and I wasn't hungry at the time either. I'll save my $8 it would have cost for lunch and spend it on something else on another day. I just went to the grocery store last night and I have plenty to eat at home. I'll be putting that baking hen in the oven in a couple of hours. I think that bird is too big to put in the crockpot or I'd cook it that way. Guess the oven will have to do.... See? No need to worry about what to do with that yardbird...just cook the danged thing...one way or another. I actually know someone who would be torn about how to cook that yardbird and she'd worry over it, chew it like a dog chews a bone, and ruin her day because of it. Worry isn't good for a body anyway you look at it.
There are things I do worry about .... but only when its time to worry about them. Like the electric bill. I've not given a thought to the electric bill since the 22nd of December when I last paid it. I am worried about it today though cause it should have been paid yesterday. But to eliminate that small worry all I have to do is make a phone call and the bill is paid! I am worried about my son's upcoming back surgery as well. That's a worry that is on the back burner, stewing till the time comes to really worry. The boy isn't under the knife today so today isn't the day to actively worry about that and once the boy is under the knife, I still won't worry all that much cause I have no control over the ability of the surgeon that's doing the cutting on the boy. I'll leave that up to the Good Lord to watch over the boy at that point. Prayers go up everyday to help eliminate any need to worry on that matter.
I don't know why I'm on about worrying today other than I found the quote and it got me to thinking. I am a very patient soul. I was without heat in my house in the dead of winter for eight days and I didn't worry about it. I knew I wasn't going to freeze to death! And I didn't! It would have been wasted emotion to worry about it. I guess patience and worry are two completely different things. I have an overabundance of patience and probably (according to others) not enough worry in me. How many folks do you know who would have spent 73 minutes on the telephone, without getting angry or upset, to fix a problem with a cell phone? I talked to one fella for 45 minutes before I asked him if there was another person I could talk to to help me out with the trouble. I let him do everything he could possibly do to clear up the problem. He seemed quite relieved that I wanted someone else to take this problem off his hands! I was quite pleasant throughout the ordeal... Ok I did get a little bent out of shape when he said he couldn't help me at the beginning of our conversation but I convinced him at that point that he could help me. I didn't yell at him or anything like that... I just made it perfectly clear to him that my phone did me absolutely no good at all if I couldn't make a call on it! My youngest son RW, could never have had that conversation about a cell phone without getting angry in the first five minutes. I don't know why I have so much patience and that boy has very little. His brother RJ, hasn't a lot of patience either but he's more than RW has. Not worrying just works for me, I guess!
I have to get off this machine now and go do something productive. I can hear those dishes screaming at me from the kitchen so to shut them up, I better get in there and wash the damned things!
You all have yourselves a fantastic Friday! I might be back before tomorrow if anything comes up that I care to talk about. Be happy!

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John said...

Hi Donna, I couldn't agree with you more. Worry can't do anyone or anything any good. If by worrying we can solve problems, then, let's all worry. But truth is, nothing can be done by worrying except wasting our time and yes, as you had put it very appropriately, creating more gray/white hair on our scalp!

I guess we're two of a kind! Have a great weekend!