19 January 2009

Inchies, and that's about it.

We have inchies to show today. I did all 13 of these earlier this morning. Somewhere around 6 a.m. to be exact. 12 of them are for a swap. The first one you see, the eyeball, is just an inchie with no theme other than to count. Count for what? Well, I decided the other day that I could take on the goal of making 1000 inchies this year. That is an attainable goal with little trouble. And it will really help out with that goal of doing 365 pcs of art this year! Just kidding. Even though each inchie IS a pc of art they don't count in that goal. They only count in the inchie goal.

So what's this inchie swap all about? Inchies By The Numbers. That would explain the numbers on them. I think they're all pretty self exlainatory so I won't jabber on about them. The one on the right, bottom row is my oldest son's birthday and time he was born...all numbers!

And you knew you'd find 831 in amongst those numbers so that shouldn't come as much of a shock to any of you! They are all done on watercolor paper with sharpies. I am going to do more for this swap and pick out what I consider the cream of the crop to send for the swap. I need 12 of them for that. I think I'm going to go another route with the next dozen and make collages. I've never done inchie collages before...might be a good challenge for me!
In case you don't know what an inchie is....it's a inch square pc of art. Amazing what you can put in an inch of surface area!
The cat nor the house smell of skunk any longer. Billy has a nasty sore at the base of his tail that Iwill be keeping an eye on. Not sure how he got it. I hadn't let him out of the house till yesterday. I noticed it this morning when he was washing himself in the overstuffed chair in the livingroom. Looks like it has been there a day or two.

I really have absolutely nothing exciting to talk about today. I slept yesterday away...5 a.m till 11:30 p.m. Like I said...I slept yesterday away. The sleep pattern will adjust accordingly in its own sweet time. I'm just not exciting these days.
I could tell you about my trip to Plainville at 12:30 a.m. but trust me, it wasn't an exciting trip. I drove. Fred slept on the back seat. It was dark out. Nothing exciting to even report there!
So with that...I shant ramble any longer!
Have a great day. I really hope it's much more exciting than mine seems to be going! :)


John said...

Hmmm... how interesting! Do you cut out the inchies before painting on them, or you paint it first, and then cut it out?

Donna said...

They are cut out first, with a punch that makes it easy for me! I tried cutting them out with scissors but I can't get them true square that way.
Mine are colored with Sharpie Markers, not painted. I have never tried doing a painting that small. Might have to give that a shot...would surely be a challenge!There are folks who do paint them in watercolors or acrylics.
Collaging the little things is a time consuming ordeal. I sat at my painting table for over an hour this morning going through images and gathering what I thought would work for the numbers inchies. I only got two inchies completed in that time frame. I didn't spend that long on all twelve of the sharpie ones.
Thanks for stopping by, John! I hope you have a great day!