09 January 2009

An Update.....

That storm the windchimes were singing up earlier has arrived with a vengeance! There snow swirling about in the buffeting winds and the chill in the air cuts right through bone. I sit here in the deskroom and listen as the tin roof ripples to the movement of Mother Nature. The trees are swishing, flailing, dancing wildly in the breeze...nay! We cannot call the torent outside a breeze! That would be like calling an acorn an oak! It's a torrent out there!
I just came from across the yard. Fred and I were at Susan's kicking butt at marbles. We won't talk about cards cause the same wasn't the case! Fred doesn't really know how to play marbles and he wasn't there for the marbles anyway...we let him in the house after the marble game with Linda. She had gone with the 'old women'. They took her home.
I did kick butt at marbles! I beat Linda and Susan by at least five marbles the first game. Everyone only gets eight marbles to play with when there's three people playing! I played three games of marbles with L & S and two games with S after L left to go home. We always have a good time playing marbles. Killer Marbles is really fun with Susan! Susan whooped my hide at Skip-Bo! We won't even talk about that....
I got critters surrounding me! Miss Blue's wanting to sit between the keyboard and me. Fred's laying on the floor, making a mess, chewing up that stick that I told him belonged outside. How come he doesn't get splinters in his tounge? It's a wooden stick he's chewing up. He's taken to chewing his things up lately. The rat he's had since before halloween is now headless and this stick he's making a mess of now he's had since April or so....he's torn them to shreds! Well, not the rat so much...he just chewed the head off it and made it not squeak anymore. He's abandoned the rat's head and still carries the body around. He's a very strange dog.
Billy has stuffed himself into an empty puzzle box laying on the floor behind my chair and is taking a nap. Doob's on my bed snuggled under the blanket oblivious to the fact I turned the electric blanket off this morning.
Laundry has been started for the day. It's only 6 o'clock in the evening. My day started around 2 this afternoon.

I finished the book Love Medicine. Finally!


John said...

I used to play marbles too, but I couldn't recall how it was played. And I wasn't a hotshot at marbles. But I sure do remember lots and lots of those marbles back at home. Weird. Don't think they're mine.

John said...

Sorry, to clarify, the 'home' I was referring to was my home, my birthplace in Kuching, Sarawak, where my parents, brother and sister is staying :)

Donna said...

Hi John,
The marble game we play is actually called Aggravation but we just always call it marbles. Is that the same kind of marbles you played back at home?
There are many different kinds of marble games. I always wanted to learn how to shoot marbles but have never given that a shot. I collect marbles and have quite a few of them. Shooters included. Most of my marbles survived the house fire. The ones that didn't were just simply lost among the debris.I've never counted how many marbles I have but a guess would put that number around 150 or so.
I keep them in a big milk glass bowl in my china hutch.

John said...

Aggravation? Hmmm... never heard of that. I was referring to shooting marbles :)