13 January 2009

A Gift, Some Art Traded and A Very Weird Dream!

No pictures today. I did make two more ATCs today but they are remakes of two shown already. I traded the originals and had requests for the same card so I made another version of "Summer's Past", which I showed you all awhile back and "Don't Leave" which I showed you all yesterday. I traded a total of eight cards yesterday. Not all of the zentangles I made for the ZAT got traded though. That does not surprise me! I'm pleased with the trades that have occured. I'll mail them all out tomorrow when I get to town. I forgot to take the envelopes with me earlier when I took Miss Allison home.
No sitting with the girls tonight. Allison came to my house instead. Her mama dropped her off around 6:30 pm and I took her home around 8:30. We did artwork while she was here. We also played a game of yahtzee.

That gift I speak of in the title came on Saturday. I found a very large box sitting in the driver's seat in my van late last night. The UPS man put it there and Fred never even let me know the UPS man had been here! What can I say? I hadn't been to the van on Saturday or all day yesterday. It was a good surprise. I asked Billy cat if he knew anything about the big box while I was carrying it into the house but he didn't tell. I really had no idea what that huge box had in it cause it didn't weigh hardly anything! I got a paring knife out of the kitchen drawer and slit open the tape holding the flaps shut. All I saw were a bunch of air-filled plastic bags at first glance. I yanked all those bags out (28 of those useless things!) and discovered a Brand New Keyboard! Thank you, John! You don't know how happy your little gift has made me! No sticking keys!!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Now let me know what you need and I will see if it is in my power to grant it. I cleaned off my desk somewhat and hooked that bad boy up shortly after I found it! Typing used to be a chore what with the keys sticking all the time and now it takes no time at all to type up these posts! A good keyboard can only make me a better typist! I may hit 70 words per minute this year yet! Again, thank you, John! I'd give you a great big hug if you were close enough to do so! I don't know why they put it in that giant box when they could have easily slapped an address label on box the keyboard was in and sent it without all those plastic air-filled bags and the big box. Not complaining... just pointing out how wasteful it was to use all that plastic and the extra box to boot.

And what have I been up to today? Not a heck of a lot! I didn't get out of bed till almost 5 pm. I've changed those days and nights around really bad now! I'm headed to sleep when the sun is rising and getting up when it goes down. That isn't good for a body, I know. A body needs vitamin D from the sun, not just from what they eat. I don't get much of the happy vitamin in the winter time from the sun. It's a good thing I take a vitamin D supplement during the winter or I'd be so down in the dumps it wouldn't be funny!
I let Fred out about five minutes ago and he's already barking to be let back in. It's very cold outside today! Windy! It isn't fit for man nor beast out there! I was out in the weather twice today and it didn't agree with me either time! My bones and joints hurt like crazy in cold weather! I'm dressed in layers! Even in the house, I dress in layers!

Sometime before the sun comes up I'll be washing dishes. I did get the laundry done...but then laundry is never REALLY done...You think you have it done and then you get undressed for the day and realize it's starting all over again!

I had a very strange dream on Sunday while I slept. In my dream, Fred and I were in the van driving down the highway and all of a sudden we left the roadway and ended up in a cane field. The cane growing in this field was taller than the van! (In reality cane doesn't grow quite that high!) We're barrelling through this cane field at top speed! I crawl into the back seat where Fred is and strap him into the seatbelt. Then I climb back into the driver's seat, the whole while we're still barrelling through this cane field at top speed! Bouncing along at a rapid pace! I'm thinking to myself , in the dream, that we are going to crash! And about that time, the van hits the river bank. Stops! Just like that! From 65mph to 0mph....and the nose of the van ends up in the river. Next thing I know we're in this room with a bunch of other people. A waiting room. I'm sitting in a chair beside Evelyn. Susan is talking to someone up a counter. My left leg has puncture wounds all over it... like someone stabbed me with a pencil or something similar. All of these little puncture wounds have one or two stitches in them and Evelyn is trying to pluck them off my leg like she does with lint on your clothes. No idea what happened with Fred. Didn't see him in the dream after I ended up with Susan and Evelyn in the waiting room.
It was a wild dream! It made me laugh and shake my head when I woke up too. No one in their right mind climbs into the back of an out of control vehicle to strap the dog into his seat belt! Been awhile since I had a wild dream that I remembered so vividly!

Right now I'm going to go read my email and play a few games on this wretched machine. I feel like Word Racer tonight on Yahoo Games. We'll see how good I am tonight. I didn't do too well on that yesterday. Lost some of my rating....the old eyeballs weren't focusing right and the old brain followed suit! I just wasn't fast enough in finding the words in the grid! I like word games though and a rousing round or two of Word Racer feels right tonight.

Here's hoping this week brings you lots of smiles, words from a friend, hugs from a loved one and lots and lots of joy!
Peace, my friends!

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John said...

You are most welcome, Donna, and I'm glad that you had finally got a new one. It's really a nuisance when the keyboard is playing sticky games with your fingers.

Errr... haven't thought of what yet. But it's not really necessary :) Maybe a Thank You card, one of dmnh's creative endeavors :)